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"Too Much Ahead To Look Back"

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"Dancing Above The Clouds"

Song Lyrics

Sample lyrics from the upcoming songbook "If I Must Die"


July 2, 2018

Home to You

Tonight I wanna kneel beneath your cross

Tonight I wanna heal from love I lost

Help me turn away from things I do that hurt me

Open my eyes now Jesus, Lord help me see

Tonight I wanna feel what it’s like to be free

I wanna be still and trust you Lord to guide me

I know I know I done terrible things in my past

But with you I can have a future promised to last

I can’t undo all the wrong I done, forgive me please

Tonight I bow to you Jesus, begging on my knees

Let your will be done as it is in heaven to come

Forgive me Father only you are the perfect one

And when my time is over my work here on earth is thru

Open the gates of heaven and bring me home to you

Home to you Jesus is where I yearn to be

Open up your arms Father welcome me


February 22, 2018


Does ya mama know ya dance like dat

I bet ya daddy don’t

And now ya daring me to kiss da cat

But I probably won’t

You move ya body like a choo – choo train

Why don’t ya climb dis hill

Sexy mama ya little freaky thang

Gurl ya got skill

You a moving violation

You a saucy sensation

So electrifying

Gurl I ain’t lying

Does ya mama know ya dance like dat

I bet ya daddy don’t

I can go blind from what I’m looking at

But I probably won’t

You twerp them hips like a porno queen

Every eye on you

Ya da sexiest little cuss I ever seen

Ya taking me to school

If I Must Die

August 10, 2018

If I Must Die

I peeked inside your tomorrow

At the promises you can’t see

Hidden behind your present sorrow

A gift to you from me

I wrapped it up tight with kisses

So much love it can’t contain

In your heart of a thousand wishes

Blessing is gently whispering your name

One day we shall meet again

Till then light a candle for me

If I must die let me go

I wanna see Jesus, I wanna be free

Continue to hold your head up high

Dream only of beautiful things

Don’t ever be afraid to cry

For I’m only an angel earning my wings