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Yesterday can't hurt me because Tomorrow is my friend.



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If I Must Die

Mention dying and most people will want to change the subject. Say that you are dying and immediately they tell you to stop putting that negativity into the atmosphere. Like not talking about your house burning down is suddenly going to extinguish the blaze. As sure as a baby is born, it will one day die. Nobody gets out of life alive. Having faced a serious medical condition, I bit my upper lip, dug in my heels and prepared to fight, but most importantly, I made peace with the outcome. I prayed incessantly, what fool wouldn’t. I reread as much scripture I thought Saint Peter would ask me about at the Pearly Gate. I updated my will. Then I began work on this little book of poems and lyrics to pass the time between now and the hereafter. I don’t plan on dying anytime soon but no one knows the time or place.

While stationed in Adak, Alaska, in 1977, I read a poem by a Jamaican writer named Claude McKay, ‘If We Must Die’. The poem was about whites attacking African-Americans during the Red Summer of 1919. I loved the title and the poem. Nobody should stand still when their time is close. They should not go down without a tough fight. Giving in is cowardly. Be courageous enough to show death what you are made of.

I changed McKay’s title to fit me personally, ‘If I Must Die’. I’ve always considered myself as a gunslinger. Quick to deal with a challenge. To be unprepared is to have a bad outcome. Death take heed, I will stand my ground.  

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Jedidiah Washington is an award-winning journalist for the Carver City Post. When he refuses to back away from a story on Libertore, a secret society of powerful individuals, he finds himself unemployed and unemployable. Jedidiah continues his mission to expose the influential and underground group, but when he is falsely accused of murdering a crime syndicate boss, he becomes a fugitive, searching for evidence to clear his name. There lies the great divide between what Jedidiah knows and what he can prove. Who framed him and why?

The legal stuff seemed on point to me - Good read I hate it had to end... The flow was perfect - it kinda reminded me of JD Robb's writing - vivid descriptions of people - loved that with the jury and the back stories on the main characters was awesome...

Tracey C.

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